(re) Define In-Person Workshops

Why choose a (re) Define Workshop: our (re) Define workshops experiences are more than the typical psycho-education and group process offering.

They are an experience - customized specifically with your preferences and unique needs in mind.

Life can become full and taking care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs becomes secondary to those in your charge. But this is not sustainable and often results in exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed and being plagued by self-doubt.

The online world offers us the opportunities to learn information and connect with people around the globe. When it comes to healing and emotional work, sometimes leaning on your courage to show up and do the work in person - connecting face to face with others on the same path - is just what the heart + soul needs to deepen and accelerate growth and change.

These workshops are for: parents, creatives, business leaders/owners, ministry leaders, educators, mental health and wellness professionals, coaches, spouses, students, those in the medical and legal profession, first responders, veterans, military + police officers.

(re) Define Courage

You have a life of meaning and purpose to live. Tolerating vulnerability is crucial to achieving this goal – which is tricky because the brain categorizes vulnerability as dangerous. Developing a deeper understanding of the nuances of vulnerability – what it is and what it is not – and learning how boundaries are a non-negotiable for vulnerability to remain authentic. A personalized shame resilience practice based on your unique story and personal + professional needs today is what it takes to live with courage in all areas of your life. You will also deepen your understanding of the impact of trauma + family of origin, shame, courage, fear, and empathy have on your life so you can improve how you show up with connection to self, God and others with clarity, connection, compassion inspired by your core values.

(re) Define Failure

The pain of falls, fails and struggles leave a wake of doubt, uncertainty and shame – often keep people from daring to risk, try, create, change or move again. This workshop will help participants (re) define the meaning of failure and learn to see its value for learning, growth and deeper satisfaction in life + relationships. Because if you dare to love, create, lead – failure is inevitable, not a possibility. That is why getting clear on the stories you tell yourself while learning how to respond differently when failure, criticism, anxiety, grief, betrayal and disappointment shake your sense of confidence is so important. Participants will walk away with an actionable plan to address and respond differently to the pain of past – and future – failures with courage, calm and clarity.

(re) Define Perfection

Joining (re) Define Perfection: Choosing Flexibility over Rigidity six week online experience will give you a chance to reflect on how perfectionism is impacting your life, examine how you typically respond to the fears of not being good enough, develop your customized wholehearted living plan in your own workbook along with a deeper understanding of perfectionism through the Internal Family Systems approach + more.


Reconnect | Virtual Anxiety Support Group

Reconnect | Virtual Anxiety Support group

Reconnect is a 90 minute weekly processing and support group for those coping with the effects of COVID-19. This is a closed support group with a minimum commitment of 8 sessions. We will meet weekly in order to provide care throughout each week of uncertainty.

Tuesdays from 5:30pm – 7:00pm, beginning April 21st

Professional Consultations

We offer consultation for those who are working towards the following:

–  Certified EMDR Therapist

– Certified Eating Disorder Specialist

– Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator

Also offered: AAMFT Approved Supervision, customized consultations on business + practice development for wellness professionals, Internal Family Systems + Self Leadership, The Daring Way™ or The Rising Strong™ methodologies for your team, school, non-profit or leadership team are also available.