Our souls are longing for respectful and meaningful conversations. People I know are looking for opportunities to connect and network with people but are also tired of scarcity, fear and shame. 

These feelings have fueled my dream to create a space to gather many of the sharp, passionate, wholehearted people who are making a positive impact in their circle of influence, in the same room to meet, learn, network, and experience meaningful connection.

StoryShare Gatherings is a place to (re) define networking, deepen connection with like-minded leaders and have a chance to really get to know someone beyond where they work and what they do for a living. This is an agenda free space, relaxed and casual – offering a break from the hustle. Each StoryShare Gathering features a theme as a guide for conversation beyond “what do you do” to unveil each person’s unique perspective, experience and wisdom.

And now, more than ever, wholehearted leadership and community is needed – where people can share their expertise and encouragement with like-minded peers.

There is nothing more healing and inspiring than when we get a chance to experience feeling seen and understood while offering that to another person. This fuels generosity, patience, grace, hope and joy.

Great people sharing stories, reconnecting with old friends and making new new ones is the main intention. While these gatherings are agenda free – no sales pitches or drawn out speeches – as relationships build, so does the potential for collaborations, referral sources, and resources.

What can I expect at a StoryShare Gathering?

  • Intimate group of no more than 12 people in a beautiful space. 
  • High quality fresh, organic meals from local restaurants and caterers customized to meet dietary preferences
  • Professionals from diverse fields who share a common desire for meaningful and respectful connection.
  • A designated theme to inspire introspection, curiosity, reflection and common humanity.
  • No hard selling, schmoozing or expectation to share more than you are comfortable with. Listening is valued as much as talking.
  • Opportunities to expand your professional network
  • Laughter and relaxation

If you would like to attend one of the inaugural StoryShare Gatherings, then please fill out the form below. We will contact you with the upcoming dates and registration information. Remember, each gathering will be limited to 12 people total.