Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are a collaborative and safe space to heal from mood and relationship struggles along with difficult life experiences, disordered eating, quarter-life or midlife crisis issues, addictions, compulsive behaviors, procrastination and dissatisfaction, life transitions, trauma and more. This is a valuable investment to help you discover new and sustaining ways to respond differently to pain + discomfort while improving your relationships with yourself, God, others.

Family Therapy

Potentia psychotherapists are trained in viewing all distress from a systems perspective. Through this lens, clients will develop a deeper understanding of their unique family of origin; boundaries; the function of anxiety + related emotions and much more. When a family member is struggling – the rest of the family often struggles, too. Family therapy, when appropriate and possible, can offer some of the best results.

Couples Therapy

One of the most important relationships in life can also be one of the most challenging. Whether you are engaged/considering marriage, newly married, or in a long-term relationship, couple’s therapy can provide an opportunity to learn more about patterns in the relationship, support relational wellness, and develop a deeper understanding of the role of emotion and boundaries in order to strengthen your relationship. Approaches include Gottman, EFT, Internal Family Systems, EMDR Therapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology.

Group Therapy

We believe group experiences are a microcosm of life and are a powerful catalyst for healing and change. Group therapy is a wonderful addition to individual therapy or a toe-in-the water experience for those who are not sure about therapy. To be notified of the latest groups being offered, please sign up for Potentia’s email list.

Nutritional +Wellness Therapy

Nutritional and Wellness Therapy can help you sort through misinformation that contributes to over and under nutrition, sports nutrition, and all kinds of wellness issues like Diabetes, Blood Pressure issues and more. You can expect evidence-based support that will help you improve your performance in sports and in life rather than trendy or fad-driven advice. Our customized support goes beyond the standard education and meal plan models while advocating a non-diet philosophy. If you are seeking support with food + body issues, seeing a specialized RD is in compliance with the standards of care and the ethics in the treatment of the disordered eating spectrum.

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