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At Potentia, we count ourselves with the brave and the brokenhearted as our own stories of struggle and healing are inspiration to the work we do at Potentia. It is our commitment to support other brave and brokenhearted individuals who dare to show up and do the hard work of healing and change.

When the brain’s natural ability to process difficult life experiences has been disrupted, past events get frozen in different parts of our internal system – act out in the present, making life today challenging.

Many feel shame for struggling, which often compounds the pain and suffering. We strongly believe a life should never be defined only by the falls, failures, trauma and heartbreak. There so much more to your story.

Owning and integrating all parts of your story is an essential part of healing. This begins by sharing your story of struggle. Because the brain sees vulnerability as dangerous, staying silent about your struggles often seems safer than asking for help. Caution against staying silent as it will keep you stuck.

Through compassionate care, specialized training and customized approaches, we can help you understand the power of the brain and the body in the healing process along with the destructive power of shame, fear and blame while developing the resources to rise after painful falls and experiences.

All of the psychotherapists at Potentia are trained in EMDR Therapy. EMDR therapy is an evidenced based, mind-body therapeutic approach which views memory networks as the basis of health and also the basis of what is causing distress in the present. When the brain cannot naturally heal on it own, the past keeps playing out in the present. These experiences interfere with the lens on your relationships and the world. EMDR Therapy, in conjunction with other systemic approaches, helps the brain and the body decrease the reactivity to difficult memories so they have less negative impact on your present life.

EMDR can be helpful with emotional upheavals – such as the following:

  • trauma
  • stress
  • loss
  • anxiety (generalized, panic, obsessive-compulsive struggles)
  • change and transitions
  • relapse and/or recovery struggles
  • disappointments
  • illness and/or chronic pain
  • relationship endings
  • loneliness

The above are all stressful and have a holistic impact on the brain – increasing the vulnerability to physical health, mood and relationship struggles along with a decrease in work and academic performance.

Many of the Potentia team members are also deepening their practice and training in Internal Family Systems, a powerful psychotherapeutic approach which is non-pathologizing, respectful, evidence-based and systemic based. It is also a powerful approach in healing trauma, anxiety and the whole spectrum of mental health struggles.

Help and relief are available.

Questions regarding booking therapy, consultations, supervision and/or workshops? Contact us now to receive more information on your next steps.

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