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Time: TBC
Cost: Free
Where: Online via your computer or phone — just register and you will receive information on how to join the webinar you have registered for.

Note: All dates + topics subject to change. If they do, you will be notified via email if you have already signed up. The Potentia calendar will also be updated regularly.

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Feeding Well During Times of Stress: Why Does It Matter?

Date: TBC

It is not uncommon for people to exhibit poor self-care during high-stress periods/seasons. We will address some common habits to develop during times. What participants will learn:

1) What might ‘feeding well’ look like during seasons of stress? Impact of stress on wellness.
2) Exercise and Stress: What does research say about this?
3) Other stress management techniques (i.e. mindfulness, meditation, the role of movement, yoga and more).

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How to Talk About Food + Your Body In Your Circles of Influence

Date: TBC

Fat talk and body bashing has become a past time and a form of bonding. Learn how to navigate these common conversations with respect, understand how contagious negative body talk can be and how to lead the way with those you care about in empowering others to lead conversations that build up and do not break down.

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The Family Table: Navigating Meal Time + Feeding Your Family Well

Date: TBC

The family table is one of the most powerful places in the home. Family meal time is positively correlated with higher learning outcomes and good mental health. Participants will learn:

1) What are the most important guidelines to follow during meal time
2) How to handle conversation and conflict at the table
3) how to respond to picky eaters and energetic children during mealtime.

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Fasting + Cleanses: Are They Effective + Safe?

Date: TBC

There is a lot of information about fasting and cleanses these days and it can be confusing and sometimes dangerously misleading. Participants will learn:

1) Why people participate in cleanses and the emotional/mental health connection .
2) The safety concerns with fasting/cleanses.
3) What does research says about fasting and cleansing.

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