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Greetings, (re) Define Body Image Pilot Participants!

You are here because you responded positively to my email invitation to join this pilot e-course adventure with me or you happened upon this page via the Potentia website.

I know many of you and have great respect for your intellect, faith, courage and the impact you are having on those around you. And for those I have not met yet, I suspect you are a lot like the rest of the folks drawn to this course: sharp, passionate about making a positive impact in the world and desiring to have a different conversation regarding body image, shame and struggle.

This is a dream I have had for over six years: to create a course for those who are in positions of influence to many around them who struggle with food, body and wellness issues, brain chemistry, difficult life experiences, and shame.

I know you are incredibly skilled in how you engage with those you care about personally and professionally. You want to be a part of solutions that move people towards health and freedom so you are constantly learning, growing and stretching yourself.

I am excited to empower you to even further develop your influence on how you engage in conversations regarding food, your body, dark emotions, and culture.

You are a leader: at home, work, within your circle of friends and at your faith community. You desire to show up in your life to make a positive impact personally and professionally and do what you can so not to do harm to those you care about and in your charge.

So that is why I am asking for your help to scale accurate information on these tender issues. Your voice, your dedication to excellence and your commitment to authentic community is why I would be honored for you to participate in this course.

I see everyone as a leader after reading Oswald Sanders’ book “Spiritual Leadership” back in the later 90s during my Young Life International Area Director Training. He wrote:

Leadership is influence, the ability of one person to influence others to follow his or her lead. Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose, and the character that inspires confidence.

Paraphrasing Sanders, everyone walks into a room and impacts the people in that room. Everyone. Under this premise, everyone has leadership abilities. And with this premise in mind, the challenge is:

What kind of leader do you want to be?
How do you want to impact those in your circle of influence?

– – –

You are not just going to learn about the brain, body image, culture, and scarcity mindset. Each week, you will learn how to navigate conversations that quickly can turn into sand traps and trigger dark emotions and behaviors.

My whole life, I have noticed an interesting paradox: the obsession with how we feed, move, and talk about our bodies. At the same time, it is such a challenge to figure out about how to engage in meaningful and relevant conversations with those who struggle with disordered eating, trauma and shame.

RDBI motto

In (re) Define Body Image: Choosing Respect Over Body + Story Shame, you will spend roughly 2-3 hours a week as you:

  • Get clear on your own body, weight, and struggle bias. (No matter how compassionate and accepting you are, these judgements lurk around and have a sneaky stronghold — even when we think we have conquered them.)
  • Develop a clear sense on how to respond when someone approaches you about their story of struggle and/or food and body issues.
  • Learn how to impact your home, church, business, school, social circle with language and evidenced based facts which that will fuel shame resilience, emotional literacy and redirect potentially triggering conversations about food and body.
  • Create a media/pop culture inventory and a plan to guard the health of your brain, body and soul — and model it for others in a way that is contagious.
  • Avoid the common pitfalls of body bashing/joking/shaming bonding and how to shift the conversation in a respectful and meaningful way.
  • Build a powerful vocabulary — or fine tune your already existing one — while engaging with the pervasive diet mentality and shame around struggle.

As a participant of (re) Define Body Image: Choosing Respect Over Body and Story Shame e-course (life-time member of this community) you will receive:

  • Weekly lessons in audio or video format that guide you on how to take action on each weeks learning topic.
  • Downloadable worksheets that can become your hard copy workbook for this course for you to reference and update.
  • Resources, recommendations, and maybe (smile) some guest speakers on these topics to help deepen your learning experience.
  • Weekly action assignments that are small but powerful so you can begin to build your practice in changing your lens and language on these issues.
  • Weekly Q&A calls live with Rebecca Bass-Ching, LMFT to answer specific questions.
  • Access to a private online group to discuss each week’s module and dig deeper as a community — reminding all of us we are not alone.
  • Some surprise schwag + artifacts. 🙂

Some of the specific takeaways from this course will help you learn:

  • how to know when you are hooked in conversation that fuels body and story shame – it can be so sneaky! No matter what training you have, we are all human and are vulnerable to default to narratives about health, enough, food and more.
  • how to respond to even the most challenging and tender people around these issues
  • how to develop a media/pop culture intake plan
  • how to understand the brain on struggle and pain
  • how to navigate vulnerability when the stakes are high
  • how to engage your family, friends, colleagues and leadership on changing the culture on how food and story shame are discussed
  • how to differentiate between healthy and obsession
  • how to engage respectfully and with impact in a diet focused culture

– – –

Course Content: Each Week will have an integration component along with a personal reflection.

Week 1: What does is really mean to be healthy and well?

Health, wellness and struggle biases: We all have them. Sometimes we think we have a handle on them and this week you will get really honest with yourself and aware of the biases that most prevalent. Learn how to filter through the noise and develop a better understanding of health and wellness – including the cultural narratives around fat and obesity as they pertain to our health. Learn how to respond with grace and impact in your internal dialogue as well as your conversations with others.

Week 2: The Science of Dieting, Willpower, and Self-Control

Learn why diets do not work and how to care for yourself well in a culture that pushes quick fixes and good foods/bad foods. Understand what a fad diet is, the safety concerns around these ways of feeding and how to create a culture of curiosity and respect verses rigidity + dogma. Develop an actionable understanding of how to respond to those who have religious zeal around the way they feed and move their body.

Week 3: Struggle does not equal failure

Struggle is how we learn and grow. Dark emotions are a part of the human condition. How to respond to the struggles in your own life and those you care about. Learn how to develop emotional literacy in your own life and in the lives of those you care about. So many people feel like that have to present their perfect life for fear of being told they are not Christian-enough. Get clear on the anatomy of vulnerability so you can support yourself and others as you navigate this challenging, yet crucial, experience to our brain.

Week 4: What is Negative Body Image: The path to a deeper pain from untreated traumas and difficult life experiences

Learn how to not get stuck into the content of the presenting issues/struggles and stay curious about the deeper pain. When people manage mood struggles, traumas, and difficult life experiences by trying to control their how they feed themselves, they often spin and feel stuck instead of relief. Only changing the outsides does not lead to sustained change. Understand the different struggles on the disordered eating spectrum and how important it is to get help when these early signs of struggle show up in people in you serve, support and lead.

Week 5: The brain and media/pop culture

This week, you will learn how to develop a media intake plan that fuels brain health and soul health. Learn about your brain chemistry, memory networks and what the latest research says about media consumption and how to do so wisely.

Week 6: Orthorexia: When the well intentions of eating healthy becomes obsessive and dangerous

Develop a deeper understanding of this common form of disordered eating and how it is often confused with eating healthy. Learn how anxiety can make our world small when food fears, worries and obsession impact how we show up in life and feed our bodies. Develop a handful of key questions that will deepen the relationships you have and help you get clear on when anxiety and obsessions are fueling food, activity and body focus choices.

No Body Story Shame


By participating in this pilot e-course, you will be joining other thought leaders. Your presence, feedback, and critical insights will be invaluable.

This course will be offered at $247 later this year but again, for you, you can pay what you can and payment plans are totally an option, too. Seriously. Pay. What. You. Can. I mean it!

Technology requirements:

Not all of the following will necessarily be used but these are the platforms I am considering at this point. More information on what you need to do to access these free platforms will be available soon. All tech is for the low-tech, just how I like it!

  • GotoWebinar
  • Zoom
  • Mailchimp
  • Email
  • Google Docs
  • Dropbox

– – –

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