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When you feel out of control with negative beliefs about yourself, your story,  your body – life can feel overwhelming and really lonely. Together, we will move you from believing you can’t do anything right, you are constantly failing yourself and others and you’re never going to be enough to a place of living with more courage, confidence, and meaningful connections.

You are tired of the constant comparison and fear of being misunderstood that keeps you from sharing your struggles. Perfectionism, people pleasing, fad diets, extreme ways of feeding + moving your body attempt to numb the shame and fear of not being understood, but they end up making you feel worse.

Our brain’s main job is to protect us when upsetting and confusing events happen. Sometimes we see the impact of difficult life experiences manifest through unexplained anxiety, depressed mood, broken connections with peers and family members, challenges in choices, obsessions, overwhelm, poor sleep, to name a few.

We will work together and develop mind and body connections to create a sense of wholeness in your life by helping your brain do what it was originally intended to do – heal.

I have extensive experience working with tweens, teens, college and early career adults who struggle with:

*  identity

*  shame,

*  eating disorders

*  lack of connection with peers and family members

*  family stress

*  anxiety

*  depression

*  post-traumatic stress disorder

*  isolation

*  women’s issues

*  negative body image

*  loneliness

My training has been focused on unburdening somatic symptoms through Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, connecting mind and body through yoga practices and mind meditation, and using evidenced based trauma treatments such as Somatic Experience Therapy and Internal Family Systems. I love incorporating art to help you find creative ways to express yourself throughout treatment.

I look forward to connecting soon and supporting you living a life with more meaning, purpose, and joy.

Specialized Training:

*  Intro to Internal Family Systems Therapy

*  Intro to Integrating Somatic Experience Therapy with EMDR Therapy

*  EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy Trained

*  Collecting hours and consultation for certification.

*  Parent Child Interaction Therapy Trained in PRIDE Skills

*  Sand Tray Therapy Training

*  Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) Trained


*  MA, Clinical Social Work-Baylor University

*  BA, Social work-University of Mary Hardin-Baylor



On a more personal note,  I have a heart and passion for traveling with my loved ones. I am regularly cooking and experimenting with anything chocolate and sweet in my kitchen. My wonderful husband and I enjoy any activity outside and exploring new places to eat around the amazing city of San Diego.

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