If I had a family member who needed a therapist, she would be at the top of my list.

Over the several years I have known Rebecca, I have found her to be hardworking, reliable, honest, and passionate about every aspect of her work.  Rebecca not only has years of experience in trauma, body and food issues, but she also brings spirituality and faith into her practice.  If I had a family member who needed a therapist, she would be at the top of my list.
Melanie Aldis-Figaro, former Executive Director, Gurze Books

Potentia Therapy is one of the best professional counseling centers I have come across as a lay professional in the area of disordered eating, self-worth and body image issues. Rebecca Bass-Ching and her team of highly qualified professionals are passionate, sincere and committed to walking alongside their clients on their journey towards freedom and healing. I appreciate Potentia’s eagerness  to customize treatment to meet each individual’s need and even offers faith-based counseling for clients want to make that a priority in their recovery. Thank you Potentia for being a beautiful haven and a breath of fresh air!
– Allie Marie Smith, Founder/CEO of Wonderfully Made, Author, of H.E.A.L.: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living: Your Diett-Free, Faith-Filled Guide to a Fabulous Life

Rebecca’s honest passion for helping people shines through in all of her work. She truly wants to make a difference in people’s lives, and I have seen firsthand that she is doing just that!
Jenni Schaefer, Author of Goodbye Ed, Hello Me: Recover from Your Eating Disorder and Fall in Love with Life and Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from your Eating Disorder and How You Can Too

I am a fan of the work that Rebecca Bass-Ching does at Potentia because I know her to be a qualified and gifted counselor. A woman of strong character and a true visionary, Rebecca is more interested in meeting the needs of her clients than in following the path of what may be easier or more popular in the field. She is at the top of my list for recommendations to clients seeking referrals in the Southern California area.
Constance Rhodes, Founder and CEO, FINDINGbalance, Author, Life Inside the Thin Cage

Rebecca is one of the most accomplished therapists in her community, and her expertise has earned her national recognition as well. Her clients are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work toward recovery with her. She is outstanding.
Amy Wickstrom, PhD, LMFT, owner of www.morethanatoy.com

Rebecca Bass Ching, has great passion for her work and her clients.  Her dedication to the eating disorder field is refreshing and I love her desire to learn.  Rebecca is one of the Emerging Young Professionals in the eating disorder field and one that is charting new territory for her practice.  I count it a privilege to be her friend and colleague.
Mary Bellofatto, MA, LHHC, CEDS, NCC, TEP, International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals Foundation, President.


She is passionate, courageous, and relational in a way that challenges and encourages those she works with.

In a therapist we want everything.  We want someone who is an expert in their field with a great track record and an eye on current trends.  We want a therapist who is relational, who is understanding and compassionate, gentle and yet firm, someone who is committed to us as a person first and a client second.  And, we want someone that will lay out a path before us and then walk alongside us as an encourager and challenger to reach the goal together.  In Rebecca Bass, this is exactly the kind of therapist you get.  She is passionate, courageous, and relational in a way that challenges and encourages those she works with.
– Chad Edwards, Young Life, Director of Developing Global Leaders

I have been referring my patients to Rebecca Bass-Ching LMFT for over 5 years. I’m always impressed with Rebecca’s insight, compassion and therapeutic process. Rebecca has extensive expertise in assisting individuals and families with eating disorders and trauma as well as related psychological issues. She provides a high level of expert psychological care. Rebecca is a pleasure to work with.
– Alison P. Anthony, CFNP Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine/Eating Disorders IAEDP Board Member/Medical Co-Liaison

Through the years, Rebecca has been one of the top therapists I refer people to who are struggling with eating disorders, abuse, and/or family issues. She is compassionate, truthful, funny, and loves what she does! I highly recommend her if you feel like you are stuck and need someone to help give you another perspective and unveil the choices that are before you!
– Linsey Wildey, Flood Church

She is a proven healer, helper, as well as a much respected colleague and friend.
I am a therapist in Orange County and I was blessed to stumble upon Rebecca about three years ago when I was referring one of my clients moving to San Diego to go to school who required continued therapy care. Upon my first impression with Rebecca, I sensed a professional colleague I could trust. She was responsive to my needs and also, more importantly, to the needs of my client who was in a fragile time of her recovery.

Having known Rebecca Bass-Ching for nearly 13 years, I’ve had the privilege of working beside her and seeing her in action and interaction with teenagers and people of all ages.  She is a proven healer, helper, as well as a much respected colleague and friend.  Rebecca’s wisdom extends far beyond her years.  She is intuitive and caring and especially gifted at integrating mind, body, and spirit in her counseling.  
– Richard Davis, Young Life staff in Europe and pastor emeritus at the International Protestant Church of Zurich, Switzerland.


I value greatly Rebecca’s expertise in treating clients who struggle with eating disorders and trauma issues. I know when I make a referral, my client is in the best hands for support and healing — and as a referring therapist that is what I need to know so my client is going to be served with compassion, respect and the clinical expertise my client deserves.
Maggie Baumann, LMFT
 Newport Beach

Two years ago Rebecca was asked to become the President of the International Association of Eating Disorders Professional Foundation, San Diego Chapter.

She hit the ground running as she rejuvenated, grew, and motivated the chapter’s Executive Committee, the Chairpersons and ultimately the organization.  Rebecca is a lady that is highly professional, communicates her thoughts, her concerns and more importantly offers viable solutions.   She made my job easier because I knew I could always trust her to make the right decision and to do the right thing.  It is a gift just to know her!
– Alice Gibson, iaedp Foundation, Chapter Director


Rebecca’s heart is on fire for helping individuals struggling with eating disorders. Her passion is evident through her work with individuals as well as her advocacy efforts. Rebecca is a blessing to the eating disorder community.
– Kate Grachek, PsyD