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Navigating your well-being during the Coronoavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Potentia Clients + Community, We are reaching out to check in and touch base regarding actions we are taking amid the very real concerns around coconovirus (COVID-19).  But first – deep breath.  These are rocky days filled with a lot of emotional, physical, and financial vulnerability. We understand how these drastic changes can be […]


Potentia's Top 10 Links of 2019 | Potentia Therapy

Potentia’s Top 10 Links From 2019 + Staff Favorites

As we wrap up 2019, we decided it would be fun to list out the Top 10 Favorite Links from 2019 shared in our weekly Every Day Human email that goes out every Friday, told to us by our amazing email community! Scroll down to view them, along with some other favorite resources by our […]


Resources + Reflections for a dose of grace and gratitude

Reflections + Resources For A Dose of Grace & Gratitude

As we head into the holiday season and begin to wind down 2019 and look towards 2020, a dose of grace and gratitude is in order. The holiday season can mean a spectrum of things depending on the day as you move through the joys of tradition, the complexities of relationships, dreading expectations and just […]


Everything You Need To Know About EMDR Therapy | Potentia Therapy

Everything You Need To Know About EMDR Therapy

What is EMDR therapy? EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and is an 8 phase approach to helping the brain’s natural ability to heal and move through difficult life experiences so your brain and body can stay present and clear – even when confronted with triggers and challenges. EMDR is designed to activate […]


Transitions in Motherhood | Potentia Therapy

Transitions in Motherhood

& Other Resources From Holly Kelley, LMFT The fact that you’re worried about being a good mom means you’re probably already a really good mom! – Holly Kelley, LMFT Honoring Transitions No matter what transition you’re going through in life, it’s important to honor it and be present with how it impacts your life, emotional […]


Transitions in Sports Nutrition | Potentia Therapy

Transitions in Sports Nutrition

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) and What Every Athlete (& Their Loved Ones) Needs To Know About Changes To The Female Athlete Triad The Female Athlete Triad (FAT), coined in 1992 by the American College of Sports Medicine, described the intersection of and relationship between disordered eating, irregular menses and osteoporosis (bone less), and […]


Perfectionism | Potentia Therapy

The Epidemic of Perfectionism

We have an epidemic of perfectionism: unrealistic expectations, standards and pressures. It is taking a toll on our relationships, our physical and emotional health, our families, our work and school performance. And it is hiding right before our eyes – masked as a strong work ethic, high standards, attention to feeding and moving well, and […]


Reproductive Loss | Potentia Therapy Inc.

What You Should Know About Reproductive Loss

Reproductive loss is an inclusive spectrum of loss that ranges from the ambiguous loss experienced in infertility, to miscarriage (loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks), stillbirth (loss of a pregnancy after 20 weeks), as well as elective adoptions and abortions.